Thomas Bögl

Architect + Partner

‘Almost our entire living environment has been shaped by man. To me that’s fascinating. It offers us a huge opportunity to increase the happiness of people.’

What does a building do to people? This question has been on my mind throughout my career. It’s the reason why, after studying architecture in Berlin, I went to London to learn about how buildings influence their surroundings. From buildings for blind people to buildings for children and parents, I’m always looking for that ideal combination of aesthetics and functionality in the service of people.

Thomas is an architect specialized in sustainable and circular design and construction. After studying architecture he took a variety of courses in, among others, C2C and building biology. Thomas has advised the government on the transformation of the construction sector into a circular economy. For instance, he was a member of the transition team that drew up the Circular Construction Economy Transition Agenda. Thomas has been a partner at LIAG since 2011.