Peter Donkers

Project manager

Seiryoku-Zenyo: Maximum results with minimal resources.

Create biobased buildings! Building in wood is CO2 positive! Create modular buildings! Make them detachable and adaptable. Create something beautiful! If something is really beautiful, everyone will love it and will take good care of it for a long time. Create Jazz! Leave some room for improvisation, who knows what the future will bring us.

Looking at the architecture of LIAG, I am most proud of the buildings that have achieved a maximum expression with a minimal use of materials. My preference for efficient minimalist architecture is my starting point for detailing our buildings which is possible because we connect knowledge and innovation to experience in construction and aftercare.

It is often thought that in the trinity of time, money and quality, a compromise is always necessary to achieve the best result. But when these aspects are applied properly, they can reinforce each other in order to achieve even better result. At LIAG we are not satisfied with a beautiful design. We are only satisfied with a beautiful building. With smart and careful choices we are able to construct buildings out of less elements. The elements we use are multifunctional.

At LIAG, Peter combines his passion for architecture with his love for judo. He applies the wisdom of judo in his role of project manager with the aim of effectively achieving maximum results with minimal resources.