as a Pavilion in a Park

Wellant college (MBO)

The question to LIAG was to design a building that represents the school with the values of health and sustainability integrated into the heart of the building. As of now, the foundation for the new campus has been realized and the new building will be operational by 2020. The students and staff will work within a pavilion situated in the middle of a picturesque, park-like setting.

Photography: Ben Vulkers

MBO, education in nutrition, climate and human and animal welfare

Foundation Wellant


work in progress

Frontrunner in green education

The current school building for MBO in Dordrecht is being demolished for several reasons; the school looks dated, the building is highly energy-consuming and does not embody the image of Wellant College.

When it comes to sustainability, the Wellant College wants to be a forerunner. It is therefore one of their objectives to offer education within an energy-neutral building. In this way they can visibly profile themselves as a standard in green education.

Sustainable and healthy

Wellant College has an emphasis on ‘green’ and their educational programs embody this. The focus of the college is on sustainability, healthy food, water management, animal care and climate. How do we express this? The school building is transparent in design. Students and staff have a full view of the surrounding park, where beautiful trees and various animals can be found. Conversely, this offers interested parties the opportunity to take a look at the practical classrooms.

The new building has a unique structure. Inside, the floors are connected with wide stairs and large voids. The daylight falls deep into the building. This openness means that you can look through the entire building and the students can interact with each other more readily.
Erik Schotte - partner and architect

Pavilion in a park

The MBO students will soon be taught in a pavilion in a green environment. The building fulfills the sustainability ambitions of the Wellant College. After all, the school can provide for its own energy needs with its solar panels on the roof generating electricity. Altogether, LIAG has managed to design a school building that is both attractive and ready for the future.

Slokker Bouwgroep (D&B)


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