renende kinderen op sportveld met op de achtergrond een clubhuis met speelse horizontale banden afgeronde hoeken van het sportcomplex Strijp in Eindhoven

Cheerful sports accommodation

Sports complex Strijp

The arrival of the new sports complex provides a sustainable quality boost to the Strijp district. The attractive appearance, partly due to the multi-color and playfulness, has made it a distinctive and inviting building. The sports accommodation is integrated into the terrain by partially "wrapping it" in a green – “cuddly” - hill. This gives the complex a human scale with a high level of cuddliness.

Photography: Ben Vulkers

Building with sports facilities, educational functions, grandstand, childcare

Eindhoven municipality


The entire building has one main entrance. The structure of the complex consists of horizontal bands with rounded corners. In order to guarantee a different appearance and identity for the different users, the different bands are made per location in the colors matching each specific club. The main shape has a smooth, continuous line with round tracks. Because the sports hall itself is in the middle and there are large roof overhangs, a lot of transparency has been created in the outside facade without direct daylight entering the sports area.

The sports park is a frontrunner in the use of renewable energy. With the help of solar power, solar heat and Heat Cold Storage in the soil, a large part of the energy used for both the neighboring Christiaan Huygens College and the sports park is generated sustainably. This gives the complex a GPR score of> 8.

The multifunctional sports hall is equipped with modern sports equipment. The sports park is managed and operated by Sportbedrijf De Karpen, part of the municipality of Eindhoven. RKVV Brabantia football club and CKV Rust Roest korfball club have established their canteen in this multifunctional accommodation. Childcare organization Korein houses its BSO in the same accommodation. The Christiaan Huygens College is the main user of the sports hall. The approximately 4,500 m2 complex has thus really become a hub within society in this part of Eindhoven.

“The accommodation as a whole offers new opportunities for cooperation with the various sports clubs, which inhabit the new sports park together with the school. For example, students who organize sports and game afternoons in consultation with the sports clubs on Wednesday afternoons. In any case, it means progress for the gym classes, with the larger gyms, the new and extra materials, with opportunities for all involved, so that everyone can learn and work with even more pleasure. ”
Simon Cornelissen - teacher and coordinator Christiaan Huygens College

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