a box full of surprises

De Regenboog, Nieuwendijk

The single-story building may appear as a simple shoebox, but looks can be deceiving. Once inside, a new world unfolds. It's an environment where children experience adventures and discover learning. The design of the building is child-centered, just like the vision of CBS De Regenboog. How do you create such a rich learning environment where students' talents can blossom to the fullest? We looked through the eyes of a child and designed from the perspective of a teacher.

Photography: Rufus de Vries

education & childcare

CBS De Regenboog & Municipality Altena



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A child's world of experience
The interior of CBS De Regenboog perfectly aligns with a child's world of experience: concave and convex inner walls take center stage. This provides spatial continuity. Such a fluid motion makes the space captivating. It creates the necessary sense of security from within as well as a welcome dynamism. Plus, it continually offers children new views of their surroundings and the outside world. This stimulates their creativity and promotes their development.

"It's about building a warm nest for the children. After all, it serves as a nurturing place where children feel safe and from where they take flight. The round shape is deliberately employed, making the transition between spaces smooth and gradual. It also has a positive impact on everyone's well-being."
Nina Korolija, LIAG architects + engineers

Open and adaptable
In what environment can teachers best impart their knowledge to students? In a building that is open in character and highly adaptable in layout. Through the use of glass sliding walls, it is possible to divide or connect different educational spaces. This provides teachers with great flexibility in using the space and helps them offer tailored education. An open learning landscape is created that facilitates all forms of learning.

"We have designed a transparent building. This helps maintain a good overview and creates a light interior. Furthermore, we have maximized the available surface area. The gross net ratio is extremely favorable. This creates maximum space for education, play, or movement."
Thomas Bögl, LIAG architects + engineers

Embedded in the community
CBS De Regenboog is at the heart of the community, both literally and figuratively. Looking at the bigger picture: The energy-neutral new building is connected to the adjacent community center, library, and sports hall. Various essential community functions are now united under one roof. The school even frequently uses the latter two facilities. Examining the details: The slanting columns supporting the overhang resemble swaying reeds. This is a reference to the landscape and history; after all, Nieuwendijk has traditionally been a village of reed cutters.

"A lot of thought went into the layout of the building. The team discussed how and what children learn, and which teaching methods suit them best. Besides various classrooms, you can also find a (children's) kitchen, creative studio, and playroom here. The design supports our vision and the development of the child."
Arnold van Ooijen, CBS De Regenboog

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