Vakcollege Thamen: Together to the top!

Thursday Jul 4, 2024

Together to the top! This slogan is literally taking shape in the new building of Vakcollege Thamen in Uithoorn. The design symbolizes the path that pre-vocational secondary education students take towards a bright future. At the same time, this school is a real eye-catcher both inside and out. The building puts practical education and the talents of some 700 students in the spotlight.

The new building features a stepped design. It begins outside with a green schoolyard on several levels, with practical areas for technology below, and ends with a height accent including an overhang above a water storage area. Inside, the so-called Thamen Boulevard follows this upward movement. Thomas Bögl explains: "All the practical areas connect to this route, along with common facilities such as an auditorium and special features like a green room. This set-up strengthens the cross-pollination between different disciplines and the students." Esther Klausen adds: "We also highlight all practical disciplines. We want pre-vocational secondary education students to be proud of what they learn. We make sure this is visible both inside and out."

Moving forward with the final design
The preliminary design has been completed and received with great enthusiasm. This success is the result of strong collaboration with the teachers. "The input of the teachers was crucial," Esther Klausen adds. "Their experience and insights contributed to a design that perfectly aligns with their educational vision and the school's mission."

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