The first integrated child and senior center in the Netherlands is taking shape

Friday Jun 14, 2024

In Noord-Scharwoude, the first integrated child and senior center in the Netherlands is taking shape. This groundbreaking project embodies a miniature society. The building accommodates 52 care homes with support facilities, an elementary school, and childcare services. The center is designed to promote interaction between generations.

The center will be an open learning and living environment. Carina Nørregaard explains, "We will encourage interaction between all generations by creating spaces for informal meetings. We are deliberately fostering this social contact. The design of the space greatly influences its use. There are literally and figuratively no barriers. You are seen and encouraged to express yourself." In addition to a lively, central meeting area, the care, education, and childcare facilities will each have their own wings. "This allows us to meet the specific needs of users. The basic principle is: together where possible, and apart where necessary."

Starting with the final design
Horizon Zorgcentrum (healthcare institution), Allente (education and childcare), and the Municipality of Dijk and Waard initiated this unique collaboration. We - LIAG and the Danish architectural firm RUM, together with consultants Zonneveld, Sijperda-Hardy, Merosch, and Bovengronds -are shaping this special project. The preliminary design has now been approved, and local residents are also satisfied.

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