Official opening: KC Sterrenwerk in Sassenheim

Friday Mar 15, 2024

With great enthusiasm, pupils and staff have moved into the brand-new Kindcentrum Het Sterrenwerk in Sassenheim (in The Netherlands). This building creates a nurturing space for children to learn and to grow. "I am happy, but above all, incredibly proud that the building has turned out exactly as we had hoped. The abundance of light and space fulfills a long-cherished wish," says director Adelheid Bierman with a broad smile. Today is the day: the official opening is on the agenda.

Het Sterrenwerk offers a pleasant environment where every child can develop optimally and confidently face the future. “There is a place here for everyone from 0 to 13 years old,” she adds. The child center is divided into recognizable clusters. “This way, the learning environment perfectly aligns with the development and world of experience of each student. Each area has its own character, making them feel at home quickly,” explains Thomas Bögl. “It is small-scale in design and has a clear layout.”

At the heart of this child center is a striking centerpiece in the form of a bamboo sculpture. Here, all users come together, making it a lively place. “This element connects with the clusters and with the playground on the ground floor and learning area on the upper floor,” clarifies Mart Bremer. “Moreover, it serves as a multi-purpose piece of furniture. It functions as both a reception desk, kitchen, storage space, and staircase in one. This offers many possibilities for the use of this central area.”

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