LIAG is a full circle architecture firm. We provide all services and expertise throughout the lifecycle of a building. By being involved in a project as early and for as long as possible, we can offer our clients maximum service.

Circular building

Circular building means construction based on closed cycles, using healthy materials made from recycled matter wherever possible. Materials that can be used again after the building has reached the end of its life. The goal is obvious: we must be increasingly efficient in how we use the earth’s raw materials. But for LIAG, circular building also means that we create lasting value.

Circular building begins with sustainable design and involves more than using systems that can be dismantled and redeployed. Because demolishing a building and reusing its components after a short space of time requires additional effort and logistics. All that manpower produces CO2 emissions and increases the building’s ecological footprint.

Sustainable for longer

For LIAG, circular building therefore also involves increasing the lifespan of a building. A sustainable building can adapt to changing wishes, with a shell that can be freely divided and modular construction systems. With recyclable materials that have a longer lifespan and low maintenance and replacement costs. And thanks to their timeless appearance, they enhance the happiness of the users.

Focus on user happiness

Sustainable building focuses on the happiness of users over an extended period. That’s why good acoustics, illumination, ventilation and comfort are important. In addition, views and easy orientation both inside and around the building make users happier and more productive. As a result, the building maintains its value long into the future.

LIAG is responsible for the first C2C school in the Netherlands, Lyceum Schravenlant in Schiedam, in Schiedam, and the most sustainable school building in the Netherlands, the the Education Faculty in Nijmegen. Director and architect Thomas Bögl is a member of the Circular Building Economy transition team.. This team has developed a strategy to achieve a fully circular building economy by the year 2050. Thomas ranks twelfth on the ABN-AMRO Sustainable Top 50 list..

Building consultants

Building services are a vital aspect of the development process and ensure significant savings. LIAG works with building consultants whose financial expertise ensures there are no unpleasant surprises during the project. They guarantee the feasibility of creative designs.

The building consultants at LIAG boast vast experience in all aspects of construction. We draw on their knowledge of tender procedures and market opportunities as early as possible in a project. The advantages are very concrete: creative and pragmatic thinking results in cost-effective and low-maintenance buildings.

Contractors, installation companies and electrical engineering firms are important partners for our building consultants in the design process. Thanks to many years of collaboration, we know one another through and through, allowing our clients to benefit immensely from our speed and efficiency. We can also secure favourable long-term maintenance contracts early in the process.


Building Information Modelling enables us to link information to detailed three-dimensional models of a building. This technology offers users and clients a unique, realistic way of experiencing a building even before it is constructed. LIAG is a pioneer in the use of BIM in the Netherlands.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) allows us to visualize choices, present options and implement changes on time. In this way, BIM improves cost-efficiency and creates realistic expectations. Thanks to our Open BIM method, the parties involved can work on a project through their own software.

LIAG has over 20 years of experience working in 3D. We are regularly invited as thought leaders to share our BIM experience and expertise. Projects such as the Princess Máxima Centre in Utrecht, the Lyceum Schravenlant in Schiedam and the I/O building in Nijmegen show how far you can go with BIM.

We have now progressed from BIM to parametric design. While BIM allows us to link information to a model, parametric design gives us the ability to let information shape the model. For clients, this is a completely new and exciting way to achieve an optimal solution.

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